Mobile testing and automation

Welcome to the Ocado Technology Webinars, where you can hear from the people building the ground-breaking, game-changing technology that powers Ocado, the world’s largest online-only grocery retailer.

In this webinar Andrew Lord, mobile development team leader at Ocado Technology, discusses the build pipeline and testing approaches we use when developing the Android and iOS shopping apps for Ocado and Morrisons, with a particular focus on how we are minimising manual processes and introducing widespread automation.

Since the webinar was first recorded, we have adopted more UI testing. iOS now has UI snapshot tests (to spot UI changes) and Firebase Performance reporting was announced at Google I/O, which we now have set up in the Android app monitoring network performance.

Key takeaways

We are continually evolving our Ocado mobile apps - growing our feature sets and incorporating new tools and quality assurance techniques into our development environment to provide greater stability, reliability, quality and performance.

Increasing automation within mobile testing has many rewards: our developers have more time to concentrate on deploying new features, the time taken to release changes decreases and we can increase reliability - top quality features can reach customers faster.

Justifying prioritising mobile automation can be hard - the time cost doesn’t necessarily provide immediate business value, but long term can be incredibly worthwhile.

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