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Find out about the culture we try to foster, the technologies we create, and how your career can flourish at Ocado Technology.

Careers for people who colour outside the lines

What would you like to be when you grow up? We love people who see the world differently, so we asked our technologists’ children all about their parents’ jobs.

If you want to work at the cutting edge of technology and shape the world of tomorrow, join our innovation factory.


Solve unique problems

Our departments are solving some of the hardest technical challenges in the world of online grocery. Here are only a few examples:

  • Building a world leading, cloud-based e-commerce, fulfillment and logistics platform for grocery retailers around the world

  • Developing a traffic management solution to simultaneously control thousands of crates around tens of km of conveyor with an astronomical number of different routes

  • Creating the cloud-based analytics and communications protocols to oversee the operation of thousands of robots in real time

  • Designing robots that can build the most advanced automated warehouses for online grocery or that can pick grocery items without damaging them

  • Simulating and emulating the behaviour of the most complex, automated and sophisticated warehouses for online grocery fulfillment

  • Designing user interfaces to enable customers to shop for 50 items in just a few minutes

  • Processing the data from thousands of van routes each day so as to predict the best routes for the vans to drive tomorrow

Work with the latest technologies

We work with a wide range of languages, frameworks and technologies, and the list is evolving all the time to meet new demands.

Each team works together to decide which technologies will best help them achieve their goals. We've highlighted a few in this gif but it's by no means exhaustive. If you're curious about a particular technology, have a look at our StackShare profile, search on the jobs page or get in touch.

Office life

We champion a values-led culture to get our teams working at their very best and to create a working environment that people love to be in. We have five values that we believe foster the best team dynamics and have a tangible impact on our employees' day-to-day lives.

They are:

Trust - the foundation of great teamwork is being able to depend on and support the people around you, knowing that you’re working towards a common goal.

Autonomy - we encourage our team members to do everything they can to create autonomy for the people around them by sharing skills and information, so everyone can help drive our great products from development to done.

Craftsmanship - we believe in creating high-quality products, knowing it will not only improve our customers’ experience, but save us time in the long term if it doesn’t need fixing or rewriting. We place great importance on the continued development of our team members’ skills, doing all we can to foster growth.

Collaboration - at the heart of great tech work is strong creative collaboration. We believe the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and encourage group decision-making to reach the best outcomes.

Learn Fast - derived from the term “fail fast”, we believe in an agile way of working with an emphasis on fast feedback loops, continuous improvement, and experimentation. We encourage everyone to try out new things and when experiments fail or succeed, we learn from it and share that learning.

We know that top notch creative thinking can’t happen solidly throughout the working day and appreciate how short, focused breaks refocus the mind. That’s why we promote a relaxed working environment with a variety of different recreational activities available in our offices. Everything from table tennis in Krakow, to table football in Hatfield, to a console built from a Raspberry Pi in Barcelona, to name just a few.

Mixing all these things together creates the driven but laid-back culture that makes Ocado Technology a great place to work.

The Academy

The Ocado Technology Academy provides all the information employees need regarding learning and development, from a comprehensive learning and development framework to lists of courses and conferences that are available, free access to ebooks, and more! We also have a packed schedule of events such as discussion sessions, conference briefs and external guest speakers.

We were recently listed by Glassdoor as one of 13 employers that are great for working women. The listing was based on real reviews praising the level of support and flexibility for those with dependents. This reflects how hard we strive to create a good work/life balance for our employees.

We have over 50 reviews from current employees on Glassdoor, a fantastic 4.2 rating, and nearly 100% would recommend us to a friend. See for yourself exactly what makes Ocado Technology such a great place to work and search for the ideal role for you.

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Meet our people




Get your career off to a flying start at Ocado Technology. You’ll work alongside industry-leaders, find support and encouragement to continue learning, and be surrounded by teammates who love to share, innovate and have fun.

Why you’ll like working here

‘Learn fast’ is one of our core values, so you can feel confident experimenting, learning from mistakes, and developing your skills. You’ll work with experts, happy to share advice and knowledge, in a company famed for innovation and disruption. And thanks to the Academy, there are plenty of opportunities for you to pursue further training.

Away from work, we’ve created an environment where you can relax and socialise. There are hobby groups and sports teams to join; coffee shop and cafeteria to get away from your desk; table football for taking a break; and plenty of office socials.


We offer ten week (summer), six month and twelve month internships. Our interns work on a wide variety of projects with teams across the division, so you’ll gain experience of all kinds of real-world problems. For example, you could work on anything from visualisation in route optimisation to discrete event simulation.

Zara Belmar

University of Oxford

We are proud to partner with the University of Oxford to offer students uniquely challenging summer internships. Our internships will advance your professional development and enrich your studies. Contact the university's Internship Office to find out more.


Keep learning and growing after uni. Our graduate positions are designed to make the most of your skills, and to push you to develop new ones. You’ll work in supportive teams, influence process, methods and technologies, and see your solutions implemented into production.

Meet Zara, Technical Recruiter

Ocado Technology has creativity and culture in abundance, which I find exciting. We have a diverse, multicultural workforce, and instead of placing value on titles, we value a workforce of ‘can-doers’. When I’m recruiting, I’m on the lookout for these ‘can-doers’ – people with an entrepreneurial spirit, people who make a difference.

I like to describe myself as a casting agent: I want to look beyond the obvious and seek potential, passion, and a desire to learn. That, to me, is talent. Come join us.

Contact Zara 

Meet Kelly, In-House Recruiter

I will be your main contact for anything Graduate or Intern related and will be on hand during interviews. I make sure you know where you need to be, have food and drink, and feel as relaxed as possible. I also offer help with queries like visas and contracts.

I’ve been at Ocado for four years, and the Technology division for two. I love working here because it’s exciting, there’s a buzz and always something new happening. That’s also why I think it’s a great place for grads and interns. We’re one of the most dynamic tech companies out there; there’s always something new to work on. Our Graduate Rotation Scheme is a great example. You get a taste of four different departments and learn skills you wouldn’t have thought of. Ocado isn’t just a retailer – we’re so much more!

Contact Kelly

Hiring process


Our hiring process is designed to help us understand each other.

It’s not just about what you know: it’s how you collaborate, innovate, and what you want to achieve.

But we also want to help you understand us. Learn how we work, our goals, how you can thrive.

The process varies, but these diagrams give you a good idea of some of the steps that could be involved.

Role Examples
Grads & Interns