Hatfield is the Ocado Technology headquarters, located a short trip away  from central London and right next to our first automated warehouse. We work closely with our colleagues in Ocado Engineering and Ocado.com, so being onsite allows us to be part of the action.


5 fun facts about Hatfield

  • From Hatfield station, you can be in Kings Cross (central London) in just 20 minutes

  • Hatfield had a buzzing aerospace industry in the 1940s and 1950s, and the famous de Havilland Mosquitos were built here during WW2

  • Elizabeth I was said to be sitting under an oak at Hatfield House in 1558 when she learned she would become Queen of England and Ireland

  • The land around our warehouse was used for filming Saving Private Ryan and Band of Brothers

  • Famous British movie director Guy Ritchie was born in Hatfield

Our Office

Trident place, Buildings Two
Hatfield, Hertfordshire, AL10 9UL




White Collar Factory, located in the centre of ‘Tech City,’ provides breathtaking views of London from its own spacious roof terrace overlooking a wide variety of on-site cafe/ restaurants. Private dining rooms, dry cleaning and laundry services, corporate catered events and a 150m running track on the rooftop are just some of the in-house perks. London shopping and dining hot-spots are right on your doorstep, along with easy-access transport links. The office offers modern communal workspaces and timeless architectural design for an exciting, comfortable, and collaborative work culture.


5 fun facts about London

  • London is a metropolitan city filled with a diverse range of people, collectively over 300 languages are spoken in London.

  • The world’s first ATM was set up in London Enfield in 1967 outside Barclays Bank. The inspiration for ATM machines came to John Stepherd- Barron from chocolate vending machines. 

  • When the thought of building what is now known as ‘the London underground’ was first proposed, using trains to carry people from one station to another was not the initial idea. Instead, engineers had suggested using barges to transport people from one station to another, having filled the tunnels with water, or alternatively using multiple horses to pull carriages containing passengers.

  • To become a taxi driver, or what is known in London as a black cab driver, the drivers must pass a rigorous test known as ‘The Knowledge.’ The test requires the driver to memorise all streets and alleys in London, which can take years for drivers to learn.

  • London is a hub to one of the planet’s largest collections of museums situated in one city. There are over 170 museums in London, ranging from very spacious museums such as the British Museum to much smaller museums such as Fan Museum.

Our Office

1 Old Street Yard, Old Street, London EC1Y 8AF




Our Kraków office was founded in 2012, the first outside of the UK. It was established under Anne Marie Neatham (now COO) and today is run by Greg Cempla.


5 fun facts about Kraków

  • Kraków's main market square, founded in the 13th Century, is considered one of the most beautiful in the world. The city centre is also a UNESCO world heritage site.

  • Walking along the riverbank you will encounter the legendary Wawel Dragon, Smok Wawelski. Legend has it that the creature lived in a cage, evoking fear among citizens. Finally, the dragon was defeated by devouring disguised sheep filled with sulphur. Since 1972 the statue of the dragon stands in front of his cage and occasionally breathes fire.

  • Kraków is famous for its local food, obwarzanek (a type of bagel) being one of the most popular. A braided piece of bread in a characteristic ring-shape, sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds, it can be found all around the Market Square, sold by street vendors. It looks striking similar to the Ocado Technology logo. Coincidence?.. 

  • A bugle call is played every hour from St. Mary Church’s tower. Each time, the tune is cut short in tribute to a trumpeter who was shot by an arrow while trying to alert the city to a besieging enemy. 

  • Schindler’s List was shot mainly in Kraków, in the old Jewish district called Kazimierz. Since the 1990s Kazimierz has been an artistic, bohemian destination, its numerous cafes, galleries and historic buildings evoking an atmosphere of the past.

Our Office

7 Rakowicka
Kraków, małopolskie, 31-504




Our offices, high above the Market Square, have fantastic views of the city from our huge windows and 5th floor terrace – the perfect spot to relax. We’ve designed the office space to reflect our values and foster a great work culture. Teams are separated by glass partitions, so you can work in peace while still interacting with colleagues. There are also plenty of areas for collaboration, from ‘war rooms’ – so-called because they’re where we gather spontaneously to plan and strategise – to conference rooms, cosy common areas, and a big central space for workshops and celebrations.


5 fun facts about Wrocław

  • ODRA computers were produced here, including the most famous and technologically advanced, the ODRA 1305 – designed in the 1970s and used in one of Wrocław’s railway stations until 2010.

  • For over 60 years, from 1947 to 2009, Wroclaw had a famous cinema – Kino Dworcowe – offering non-stop film projections in the main train station building. Throughout its existence, around seven million people visited Kino Dworcowe. It was the last train station cinema in Europe.

  • Wrocław has over 300 tiny inhabitants, the dwarfs. The first appeared on Swidnicka Street in the 80s as symbol of the Polish anti-communist movement, the Orange Alternative.

  • Once, there were over 300 bridges in Wrocław. Now, there are well over 100. On the Tumski Bridge, newlyweds symbolically lock a padlock and toss the key into the river.

  • Wrocław is one of two European cities where you can meet an old school lamplighter. The first gas street lamps occurred in Wrocław in 1846 and traditional gas lamps still remain at Ostrow Tumski. The lamplighter, dressed in a cape and a hat, still lights the lamps every evening.

Our Office

8 Szewska
Wrocław, Województwo dolnośląskie, 51-116




We opened Sofia, Ocado Technology’s fourth development centre, at the end of 2015.  Since then we have started developing a number of business critical products, including our Store Pick front end, robotic systems and many more.


5 fun facts about Sofia

  • Pronounce the city correctly – emphasise the first syllable, not the last!

  • Our oldest building is the tiny church of St. George, parts of which were built by the Romans as a public bath

  • The city centre is known as 'Yellow Bricks' after the paving, which was created near Budapest over 100 years ago

  • The first subway station took over 30 years to construct due to the sheer number of archeological finds

  • You'll eat very well here – the local cuisine is a blend of Middle Eastern and Greek influences

Our Office

ulitsa "Henkrik Ibsen" 13
Sofia, Sofia City Province, 1407




Ocado Technology Barcelona opened in early 2016, and since then we’ve been growing rapidly to over 75 people. We have many software development teams working on a wide range of products, from Ocado’s award-winning mobile apps to key retail systems for our revolutionary OSP platform.

We are serious about developing great products and have a great team of product owners, designers and engineers, working together in collaborative agile teams to produce them. When it's time for a break, we also have a very competitive table football league, and we love to grab lunch together and socialise, both in our spacious office kitchen and out in the city.

We have big ambitions for this centre, and will be developing more and more new software products here for the Ocado Smart Platform over the next few years, playing a crucial role in Ocado’s ambitions to become the technology partner for the world’s leading grocery retailers. To this end we intend to double the size of our team by the end of 2019.

Such rapid growth makes the centre an exciting place to work, but also a place where everyone needs to be comfortable with change. We pay close attention to our culture and values as we expand to make sure that while what we work on may change and evolve, the way we do it is consistent, and our collaborative, continuous improvement culture is maintained.


5 fun facts about Barcelona

  • We have people from 15 different countries working here

  • Our official language is English, but you'll hear many languages around the office

  • If you split Barcelona into 3 parts you get:

    • BAR - Pub

    • CEL - Sky

    • ONA- Wave

    • ...Which describes Barcelona perfectly

  • Barcelona topped the National Geographic's 'Top Ten Beach Cities' list

  • ...But our 5 beaches did not exist before the 1992 Summer Olympics – they were created especially

Our Office

Av. de Josep Tarradellas 20
08029 Barcelona