James Matthews

Chief Executive Officer

James Matthews is CEO of Ocado Technology and leads our team of over 1,300 technologists across four countries, building Ocado Smart Platform for our international clients and providing technology services to the rest of Ocado Group. James has been at Ocado since 2005 when he joined as a summer intern software developer, returning as a graduate in warehouse automation. Subsequently, James has held various roles at Ocado in Marketing, Supply Chain, Strategy, and Investor Relations and was a Director responsible for General Merchandise and Channel Development before rejoining Technology in the spring of 2018.

James graduated from Imperial College London with a BEng in Computing and has an MBA from Harvard Business School.


Paul Clarke, CBE

Chief Technology Officer

Paul joined Ocado in 2006, initially working on warehouse control systems before joining the team designing Ocado’s next highly automated fulfilment centre. After establishing new teams for simulation, robotics and mobile development, Paul then co-wrote the first of Ocado’s award winning mobile apps. Since taking on the role of CTO in early 2012, Paul has focused on growing Ocado Technology to over 1,300 engineers and building an acclaimed technical brand. He has played an instrumental role for the vision behind and the development of the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP).

In his current role as Ocado’s Group CTO, Paul is now focused on the research and self-disruption that will future-proof the Ocado business, as well as exploring opportunities for applying Ocado's disruptive technologies to transform other sectors.

In his advisory roles and thought leadership within government, he is a champion for big, long-term and disruptive thinking, particularly in areas such as AI, robotics, infrastructure and education, to help create a smart, prosperous and sustainable UK. He read Physics at Oxford University.


Anne Marie Neatham

Chief Operations Officer

Anne Marie has been Chief Operating Officer at Ocado Technology since 2014, looking after Infrastructure and Operations, organisational development, and general management. She joined the organisation in 2001, and became Head of Ocado Technology Poland in 2012. That gave her the opportunity to set up our first development office from scratch outside the UK. Before joining Ocado, Anne Marie worked in Boston, US as Software Development Manager for Staples Inc.


James Donkin

Chief Engineering Officer

As Chief Engineering Officer, James Donkin has overall responsibility for how we build software at Ocado. Previously, as General Manager, James was responsible for the elements of the Ocado Smart Platform outside our automated warehouses, including webshop & mobile shopping apps, supply chain, home delivery, click and collect and store pick, which are in use by retailers including Morrisons and Bon Preu.

James has spent over 20 years in the technology industry, focused on software engineering, with an emphasis on online and retail businesses, distributed computing and computationally challenging problems.


Grzegorz Cempla

General Manager

Greg is General Manager of Ocado Technology Poland, overseeing our two largest development centres outside the UK that include over 200 employees. He has more than 25 years of experience in software engineering, having previously worked in development and R&D for both the public and private sectors, delivering solutions and services to healthcare, banks, telecommunication companies, and web advertising. He is passionate about people development, growing deeply human organisational culture and organisations that are effective in achieving their goals.


Chris Dabrowski

General Manager

Chris joined Ocado in 2016 to manage all of Ocado's cloud infrastructure, including our on-premise and private clouds as well as our Amazon AWS and Google Cloud configurations. He has since taken on responsibility for site reliability engineering, DevOps and IT operations, the service desk and desktop support, and implementation.

Before Ocado, Chris spent ten years managing global hyperscale production services at Yahoo!, including the Gemini native advertising service among many others. He also has years of experience at multiple startups and ISPs, such as Demon Internet. He is passionate about empowering and building winning teams, and architectural simplicity at scale.


James Gralton

General Manager, OSP Logistics & Supply Chain

James has over thirteen years’ experience at the forefront of automation operations at Ocado, rising through the company to lead a technology stream of considerable strategic importance.

James started out working on the control systems in our original Customer Fulfilment Centres (CFCs) where thousands of totes travel along 35km of conveyor. He then headed the Systems Technology department as it built, from scratch, the software to power our new generation CFCs, culminating in the successful launch of our Andover and Erith operational showcase sites. Key to the success of the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP), James grew the product team building the technology behind our highly automated warehouses and played an important role in securing OSP’s first international partners. In his current role, James leads the engineering and product teams building Logistics and Supply Chain systems, tasked with getting the right products to the right customers at the right time.

Before joining Ocado Technology, James developed a software tool which allowed companies to make decisions on uncertain outcomes by modeling the risks with Bayesian Networks.

He holds a 1st Class Honours degree in Computer Science from Queen Mary University of London.


Alex Harvey

General Manager, Automation & Embedded Systems 

Alex is a General Manager for Warehouse Automation at Ocado Technology, overseeing the research, development and support of the pioneering software and systems that power the Ocado Smart Platform (OSP). With over 10 years of experience in leading advanced robotics, machine learning, and simulation teams, Alex played an important role in developing OSP’s proprietary automation warehouse and cutting-edge IP. Recent career highlights include the successful award of two EU Commission funded robotics research projects, working with several high-profile European universities. He is a leading AI and robotics expert and his insights have been reported in leading media outlets, such as QConLondon, Wired, and the BBC. Before joining Ocado in 2010, Alex developed real-time safety monitoring systems for clients such as the Royal Navy. Alex began his career in the aerospace industry, having studied mechanical engineering and computer science at Edinburgh University.


James Lohr

General Manager, OSP eCommerce

James has been crucial to the evolution of Last Mile at Ocado Technology for over a decade, heading up both Last Mile Systems and Planning and Delivery, and growing the teams by over 170 people (combined). He has delivered mission-critical products such as Delivery Systems, Route Optimisation, Store Pick, Fulfilment Management, and Click & Collect as part of our international platform. James also implemented a large self-selection reorganisation, which enabled international development, including the migration of projects to our Polish offices.

More recently, James successfully launched our Ocado Smart Platform (OSP) eCommerce solution with both Morrisons and Bon Preu. In his current role, James leads the OSP eCommerce teams. This stream builds the shopping experience for our retailers’ customers, and provides their merchandising and marketing teams with the tools required to run an effective and efficient retail operation.

James graduated from the University of Warwick with a 1st Class Masters in Computer Science.


Matt Soane

General Manager, Fulfilment

Matt is a General Manager at Ocado Technology, where he is responsible for the departments that develop our warehouse technologies.  This remit covers everything from our inventory tracking software through to automation controls, robotics and simulation. He has been developing our solutions since our very first delivery in 2002.  Prior to this, Matt worked in a number of different companies, large and small, including a period working at IBM as a senior software engineer.