Krunal Thakkar

Head of CFC Systems

There's never a dull moment here for an ambitious, aspiring person at Ocado Technology! The culture is one where we are not deterred from pushing the boundaries for fear of failure, and are instead more focussed on learning from our mistakes and becoming even better! Each week brings new opportunities to learn, grow, and challenge yourself; working in teams with the latest in cutting-edge technology to deliver awesome products. My job involves optimising our highly automated CFCs, exploring the use of IoT, machine learning and the Cloud to solve complex problems.


Paul Heideman

10x Development Manager

I’ve had various roles within Ocado over the last thirteen years and the list of interesting projects I have had the opportunity to get involved with is endless. I currently work within the 10x division, where our key focus is creating value for Ocado in the long-term. We do this by working on speculative projects that test the limits of the technologies we use. We are proud to drive innovation within Ocado Technology alongside the specialist software and engineering teams throughout Europe. Everyday presents a new technical challenge and a chance to solve a business problem, and I always enjoy the opportunity that Ocado Technology offers to create solutions with can-do people who push the boundaries of what is possible!


Andreia Silva

Data Scientist Team Lead

Ocado’s culture of constant disruption and self-disruption means that you are always encouraged to try different techniques and approaches. There is a great investment in people, both in terms of fostering a positive atmosphere and offering development opportunities, which creates a fantastic work environment. This is then enforced further by the knowledge-sharing culture that doesn’t just apply to small teams, but across different teams, departments and countries. Every day brings the opportunity to learn something new, and the way we innovate means you are able to see the results of your work quickly and easily, making solving challenging problems even more satisfying!  


Matt Whelan

Head of New Technology Development

The scale and reach of our technology makes going to work each morning an exciting prospect. There is a strong sense of shared ambition across the different departments, which drives the progress we make year on year. The machines we were building when I joined eight years ago were enormous. They are dwarfed by what we do now, and the things we want to do next will be another step change. I have projects covering next generation warehouse automation, robotics, machine learning, and plans for entirely new industries - and I'm not allowed to talk about any of them!


Laurent Candillier 

Senior Data Scientist

Having worked projects as varied as fraud detection and demand forecasting, my role at Ocado has allowed me to explore advanced machine learning techniques using the latest technologies and tools. Development and research teams are made up of some of the top tech talent in the industry with various areas of expertise; collaboration and sharing skills and knowledge are encouraged and everyone’s ideas are valued. As a group, we can draw on our fifteen years worth of experience to tackle the interesting challenge of designing scalable systems and software to power the world’s largest grocery retailers. The Barcelona development centre offers lots of perks and fun activities for the teams - I find it a great work environment!


Ivo Popov

Senior Machine Learning Researcher

My job allows me to collaborate with talented people from diverse backgrounds in research, technology, engineering and product development. Currently, I am leading a team of Machine Learning engineers working on a project spanning the computer vision and robotics automation domain. I find it fascinating that we can manipulate physical objects using Machine Learning and AI, and working with the robotics division of Ocado Technology gives me the chance to push this concept to its limits. We are always free to devise new ways to apply Machine Learning to improve our products and drive research, and with products spanning all the way from e-commerce, to robotics, to last mile; Ocado has great potential to harness the latest advances in AI.


Osemwaro Pedro

Robotics Researcher

Ocado Technology stood out to me because of our emphasis on designing technology in-house, but it wasn't until I was taken on a tour of the CFC that it began to dawn on me just how impressive the company's technical achievements are. As a Robotics Researcher, I'm given ample opportunities to learn new techniques, a lot of freedom over the design of the algorithms and software that I develop, and the satisfaction of working with smart researchers who value my contributions to the team. It's inspiring to be working in an environment in which there's so much enthusiasm and expertise about the various technologies that we develop and use. In a sentence, I would describe Ocado Technology as a place of surprisingly daring challenges and adept, driven developers and managers.



Anna Miedzianowska

Head of Product 

Why do I love working for Ocado? The culture, solving interesting challenges, and the learning opportunities come top of the list.

Ocado is a truly multinational place, where people from all over the world have a shared passion for technology (and food!). The culture here is like no other. From my first day, I was truly impressed with the genuine collaboration. Ocado encourages and enables continuous learning. I am constantly hungry for knowledge and my learning quests are fully supported. Training, mentoring, conferences, free books… you name it!  Lastly, Ocado is never boring. Every area of the business has some interesting challenges that no other organisation on the planet (!) has solved before. We are not afraid to experiment and we keep disrupting ourselves (in a good way!). That’s the only way forward - never stop exploring...

Even my friends have noticed - I smile when I talk about work!