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March 2018

March 2018

UK’s largest online retailers record 23% jump in sales
5th March – Independent

Ocado CTO discusses artificial intelligence with Elixirr during Retail Week Live 2018
6th March – Elixirr

Tesco and Morrisons fastest-growing supermarkets of UK big four
6th March – Kantar

Ocado unveils AI-powered retail fraud detection system
7th March – Computing

How Ocado is putting machine-learning to use in combatting fraud
7th March – Internet Retailing Expo

Ocado improves fraud detection with machine learning
8th March – CloudPro

EMEA businesses thrive in a multi-cloud world
8th March – Bdaily News

Robots Are Learning to Handle With Care
11th March – The Wall Street Journal

Ocado has ‘need to know’ projects that even some staff don’t know about
11th March – Business Insider UK

Best uses of AI and machine learning in business
12th March – Computer World UK

Sobeys predicts e-commerce dominance with Ocado
14th March – Supermarket News

The connected business – how firms like Ocado are leading the way
20th March – information age

Online grocery CEOs: Using stores to fulfill orders is not the answer
20th March – FoodDive

How Ocado broke down its monoliths to create a scalable, saleable Smart Platform
22nd March – Computing

How electric vehicles are changing the future of delivery in the UK
22nd March – Gadette

How Ocado modernised its legacy IT architecture to create the Ocado Smart Platform
23rd March – V3

Roland Plaszowski: A Look Inside the Cloud and Microservices Architecture at Ocado
23rd March – InfoQ

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