Company overview

  • Ocado was founded in 2000

  • Ocado Technology has over 1,300 employees

  • There are five Ocado Technology development centres: Hatfield, Krakow, Wroclaw, Sofia, Barcelona

  • There are four Ocado automated Customer Fulfilment Centres: Hatfield, Dordon, Andover and Erith.

  • Andover and Erith are Ocado’s new highly automated warehouses – the largest and most evolved of their kind in the world.

Our technology

  • Ocado has 330 patent applications and 64 granted patents directed to 80 separate innovations. Nearly all our technology is designed

  • Our Customer Fulfilment Centres ship over 250,000 grocery orders a week.

  • Ocado Customer Fulfilment Centres reach over 70% of the UK population.

  • Ocado grocery bots can pick a typical 50-item order in around five minutes.

  • The grocery bots pass each other at a closing speed of 8ms-1 with a clearance of 5mm.

  • Each robot records 5,000 data points 1,000 times a second – that’s around 1Gb of data per robot per day.

  • There are 60cm between our robots and the roof beams of the Customer Fulfilment Centre.

  • The robotic swarms in our new highly automated warehouses communicate via the densest mobile network in the world, running in the unlicensed spectrum, which allows us to talk to every member of the swarm ten times a second with guaranteed latency.

  • Erith is our latest and largest Customer Fulfilment Centre. Its two hives are each the size of three football pitches and when fully ramped up, these hives will have 0.75 million storage locations managed by a swarms of over 3,500 robots.

The Ocado Smart Platform

  • The Ocado Smart Platform is our end-to end eCommerce solution, designed to get the world’s retailers online.

  • Clients of the Ocado Smart Platform include some of the world’s largest grocery retailers, including Bon Preu, Groupe Casino, ICA, Morrisons, Kroger, and Sobeys.

  • The first signing was with Morrisons, signed in May 2013 and live in just 7 months.

  • Morrisons registered run-rate exit sales of almost £200m and reached nearly 50% of UK population coverage after its first year of grocery
    eCommerce operations. By its third year of operations, Morrisons achieved a full year online turnover of over £300m.